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The Parent Project®

Fall Workshop Series (Spanish): 5 de Octubre hasta el 7 de Diciembre 7, 2021

Winter Workshop Series: Dates Coming Soon

5-7PM | Tuesdays

The Parent Project® is an effective, evidence-informed, virtual 10-week parenting workshop.  This parenting workshop is highly regarded, nationally recognized, and interactive.   The Parent Project®  is cost-effective at $10 per session with a workbook included and runs in the early evening to accommodate most working families.  The Parent Project®  has been lauded by law enforcement, government agencies, non-profits, private businesses, and families across the country for 30 years, and seeks to educate and provide strategies on how to effectively parent difficult children.

This series is offered in English and Spanish.


The Parent Project® is designed for parents of adolescents ages 11 through 17. The workshops include group exercises and discussions, role-plays, conflict resolution tools, parent skill building, and much more.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Understanding Our Children
  • Addressing Problematic Behavior
  • Active Supervision and Structure
  • Improving School Attendance and Performance
  • Drug Use: Identification, Prevention, and Intervention
  • Addressing Out of Control Behaviors
  • Developing Personal Action Plans
  • Finding Help and Support
  • Developing Healthy Relationships

Contact Program Supervisor Brittney Scott at for further information or to pre-register for an upcoming workshop. (714) 823-7045. Si tiene preguntas, póngase en contacto con Viridiana Rios 714.823.7083

The Parent Project (Spanish Flyer)

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